It is with heavy hearts that we must announce short writing hiatus. We love writing letters, we really do, but sometimes life can be frighteningly busy.

January 15th will be the last mailing for stuff in envelopes (for now). But don’t worry, we will be back! We can’t ignore the mail boxes out there for too long and we’ve just got too many words that need sharing. 

Stay pencilly, 

Stuff in Envelopes

The year has gone quickly and we are about to enter the final month of 2013. That means only two mailings left before the new year, let us know if you would like to receive a letter of your very own!

A few lovely photos of a letter we sent out recently!


You got mail!

Mailbox surprises!

(via maimesy)

Just a few days left to request your very own letter, on any topic of your choosing! 

Click here for all the important details!

The most recent autumn mailing, filled with ravens and pumpkins!

A colourful Portland postbox to celebrate our last mailing. 

November, November the First of November will be our next one!

Be sure to submit your request here, we just want to sent you mail! Really, we do!

It looks like our upcoming October 1st mailing is going to be full of nature. Missed this mailing, but want to get in on the next one? A free letter is just an email away. 

“The earth laughs in flowers.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson